3 Easy Steps for Creating Your Wedding Color Palette
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A wedding color picker would be more than useful for a lot of brides but unfortunately things aren’t always that simple. When it comes to creating a perfect wedding, there are always one or two things that catch a lot of people out and usually it’s the color palette. Now, for a lot of brides and grooms, they haven’t really given much thought over this and it can stump them. However creating a wedding color palette can be extremely simple to do and very effective. Read on and find just three simple steps that may help you create your wedding color palette.

Ensure You Know the Fine Details of the Wedding

Anyone can go online to a wedding website and look for inspiration which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Having a few ideas as to the color palette you want can really be useful but for most, they go online and instantly choose the colors they think will work. However, if the finer details of the wedding aren’t sorted then the palette might be a disaster. You must think about the wedding garments being worn as well as the theme for the wedding and where you’re holding it. If you’re choosing a beach-theme wedding then grays and browns are probably not going to be the ideal palette choices. These things will come in handy to remember later.

When Is Your Wedding?

The date of your wedding may prove crucial when it comes to deciding on your palette. So, when is your wedding? Are you having a summer wedding or is it a late spring affair? Do you prefer to have a fall or winter wedding instead? These things are important because they can help you decide on the type of colors you want to stick with. For instance, if you’re having a summer wedding, sky-blues and fresh meadow greens may be more suited to the occasion. However, if you’re having a wedding nearer February then reds and pinks might be ideal. This is what you have to think about when using a wedding color picker.

Be Inspired With a Wedding Website and Find the Find Color Palette for You

A lot of people aren’t sure what sort of colors they should be going with, even when they have an idea when their wedding will be held. However, if you go online you might just be able to pick up a few simple color ideas online. There are many wedding-themed websites that allow you to use a wedding color picker which essentially picks out a variety of potential colors for your palette. These websites are easy enough to use and they really should come in use when you want to get a wider choice available to you.

Love Your Palette

Creating a wedding color palette can really confuse a lot of people and even when you have some suggestions from those around, it’s still confusing. However, by knowing a few simple details and finding an outlet for inspiration you shouldn’t have too much trouble creating the perfect palette. Enjoy mixing and matching colors and finding the perfect mix. Don’t forget to use a wedding website to help if you’re stuck!

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