Why are there so few prenuptial agreements?
Why are there so few prenuptial agreements?

No one wants to think their partner doesn’t trust them before a marriage, which is part of the reason that prenuptial agreements aren’t as popular as they perhaps should be. A prenuptial agreement is about planning and protecting of your finances. Divorce can make people bitter and removing the factor of money from it, can make the whole process easier.

It’s a statistical probability

I know that marriage might seem like the happily ever after, that Disney promised it to be, but the fact is the odds aren’t really in your favour. With one in three marriages ending in divorce the first time around, and the odds doubling for your second or third, you really will be swimming against the tide. So while it might seem unromantic planning for the scenario of divorce it is practical. The best case scenario you have a long and happy marriage, the worst case scenario is you will have stopped any bitterness about money during your divorce.

It differs culturally

The popularity of the prenuptial agreement can differ from culture to culture. For instance the use of a prenuptial agreement is barely heard of in European countries, regardless of the fact that their royalty has always used them. Yet in America they are more commonly used, though equally as often thrown out of court.

Why are there so few prenuptial agreements?

They are not easy to validate

If one of the parties getting divorced decides to appeal against the prenuptial agreement, the judge will often invalidate the contract. This is because prenuptial agreements are fiendishly tricky, when it comes to making them legally binding. There are so many factors to the agreement, that if anyone of them is even worded wrong, it could unravel the whole thing. People can be very bitter during a divorce and having your prenuptial agreement thrown out of court, could end up costing you a lot of money.There may be reasons that your agreement is invalid

Most people do not have millions

A huge reason that prenuptial agreements aren’t used as often as they should be is the fact, which people think they need millions to make it worth their while. This isn’t actually the case. Any amount of money that you have saved and earned is worth protecting. Think about it, if you own a house that you have worked years to get it could be worth just as much to you, as someone who has a millions. So just in case the worst happens and you do get a divorce, you want to make sure you assets are safeguarded.

If you are thinking about a prenuptial agreement, then you shouldn’t be put off by the negative connotations connected to it. Everyone has a right to protect their assets and you might find your partner agrees with it, just as much as you do. So don’t be afraid to approach the subject. If you both do decide to get a prenuptial agreement, they you both want to seek separate legal advice. Not only in case a judge ever needs to make a ruling on it, but also to make sure that it’s fair on both sides.

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